Sunday, May 1, 2011

presenting... Lego concert series :)

We've got you in the front row...make some noise!!!
Here is what's going on at the venue.
First you have to get in line,get your you can see,it costs 100 lego currency to get in.Please make sure you park your bike neatly and don't forget to lock it.
yayyy you are in the concert.
meet the band...

that's the lead singer.Check out the cool shades.
That drummer dude is awesome!
yo,whats up!
This one is totally rocking it.Nice hair ;)
The very impressive amplifier.No wonder the sound effect is superb!

wait..there is a security guy.
hey,get back in your seats... and no digital cameras allowed.oops...don't make him upset.We dont wanna be kicked out of the concert.
Waaiz also set up coffee for you!
Hope you enjoyed the concert :)

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