Friday, August 19, 2011

Day dreamer!

... ooh the love of shoes,pretty colorful and gorgeous sandals.A lot of my friends are annoyed,amazed,amused and tickled by my love of shoes.If you ask me,I just can't have enough sandals- more the merrier!
It's an old flame,I've always been into shoes,all kinds of shoes- flats,pumps,peep toes,wedges,stilletos.Any color,shape or height.I love them.They just have to be pretty and comfortable.I remember my mom's collection.WOWZERS,she loved Linda's Italian pumps.And I always loved walking around the house wearing them when I was a little girl :) good times.
Recently Bakers came out with their fall collection.Oh do I have some serious crushes! I thought,I'd share some with you guys.A little window shopping never hurts ;) *drooling is perfectly normal*
Meet the little snow angel "Barcelona".I love the beads on it.pretty!
Next comes a burst of color with Poppy in a gorgeous shade of raspberry pink/purple. I have these in White,oooh they are FANTASTIC!!!
I want them in that dark pink and this blue :) I can't decide which one to get first- err second,since I already have the white ones...
And I have always loved teal and turquoise tones.Check out this beautiful pump
Then comes the elegant and sassy "Powers" I LOWWWHHHH this one :)
This is the queen of black peep toes.Simply because of this
sigh! I KNOW :D gawgeous!
The drooling doesn't end here ( I know I am hopeless) haha.
Meet Steve Madden's Radiccal. Color blocking taken to perfection!!!
I WANT !!!

Aren't they gorgeous? Thank you for sharing the true love with me :) feeling a bit better,aren't ya? haha,yes window shopping is therapeutic ;)
What are you doing this crazy tax free weekend?


Haley @ Climb Run Lift Mom said...

Cute shoes! Love them all :) oh! Check out my blog. I've got a giveaway going on now.

cheryl said...

I caught up with your blog today up to your b-day...what an amazing person you are! I enjoyed reading about your recipes, trips, b-day and shoes. Love and miss living close to you so we can get together and inspire each other.

Desert Rose said...

awe Haley.Thanks doll.Yes I checked out your bloggy.WHAT FUN!!! I love it :) So glad you are back to writing again.LOVE YOU!
Thanks for your time hun.I can't wait to see you soon.
Thank you for being such a fantastic example.I love you!
- H

Anonymous said...

hello dear!
went to canada for the weekend hence avoiding shopping in Texas!
but what to do had to shop in Montreal as well.

Have good first day for back to school.

Anastacia is excited--

Raya said...

love these shoes!

Desert Rose said...

Thank you Ana!
Thanks Raya :) I am half way through my wish list ;)