Friday, October 28, 2011

busy...over rated ;)

If you were to ask me when do I get a chance to sit down during my day...I'd say when I am driving. haha!
Always running around,doing something.My poor blog is being neglected just like my skin and hair :( sad,I know! I NEED A VACATION!!! someday...oh well.
Good thing is that Waaiz is doing fantastic in his studies and everything else.So that makes me very happy.
His sports classes are making him strong,healthy and agile. His swimming is improving.His sketches and drawings skills are just amazing.He is learning about Robotics and Science and reading tons of interesting books. Busy kid!
I am managing to eat healthy and workout regularly,regardless of the craziness in my life. yayyy.It is such a good feeling that I am maintaining my healthy lifestyle and workout schedule.Keeping the weight off has been,well... easy!
Do you remember reading this? I don't know if I already shared this link on my blog before...but this makes me smile everytime I read it :)

P.S, I will be back soon with a few pictures of my recent cakes that I made.
till next time.tata!


ummesuhaib said...

Hi Haniya I read your success story on exercise tv... Congrats on all the weightloss.... I am really motivated by your posts and success. I am also a Pakistani who has to lose alot of weight. I just dont know where to start could you please help me out

Desert Rose said...

Hey ummesuhaib!
Sorry for the extremely late reply.
You can start out small, keep working out and eating healthy and clean.
Cut out all processed foods and trans fats etc... up your protein in take and eat your complex carbs in the earlier meals of the day.
Sleep on time!
Workout everyday...take a day off every 2 days,but make sure you workout every day...even if it is 10 - 15 mins... once you start seeing the will want to increase your workout duration.
Make sure you do Cardio,Strength training AND Pilates weekly for fat burning,muscle building AND toning.
email me if you ever need any help.