Sunday, September 2, 2012

The neglected blog!

So sorry I have been neglecting my beloved bloggy! I apologize.
But I am back.Trying to get back on the blogging wagon.I have been pretty busy last few months.
Let's start from the last blog post from December 2011.
We took a few days off to have a little rest time at The Great Wolf Lodge

That was fun and a much needed time off for all of us.
Then, came January and classes,school etc picked up the usual craziness. I ended 2011 with a nice 6 miles run.Fantastic :)
 We painted pretty much 80% of our home around the last week of January,2012.
 Then in February my friend Corrie asked me if I'd make her wedding cake(umm well, she asked me in September 2011,but the wedding was in February 2012) .Of course I did :) Isn't this soooo elegant.

 They had a photo booth at their wedding...haha LOVE IT!!!
 This year, W started skyping with his little cousins...mostly showing them his Lego creations and his paintings etc...
 Came April! and the first day of April...

 yea! he fell for it :) I stuffed his oreos with toothpaste and told him,it is a new Mint flavor Oreo.
awe poor baby.haha...but he is a good sport.
 Did I ever show you this cake??? It was for a very special little girl,Reet! Her first birthday cake.

What else... more cakes!!!
a Candy land theme cake 

 cakes that look like books...
 delicious chocolate cakes with pecan coconut filling.
And I don't think I ever shared these pictures with y'all



Or this one? This was W's birthday cake from November 2011.

W made this "stand" with his Legos and the deathstar was covered with fondant.
Hello Kitty cake...
And, W played the Tin man in the Wizard of Oz at the city library. He did so good. Look at my little Tin man.

And he and I made his heart clock.
On the day of the performance,they had two groups do two different plays.One was a musical,Shakespeare and then the Wizard Of Oz. So I took a cake for both casts for the after party.It was a combo of both plays.
I put a "theatre curtain" and Shakespeare to bring in the musical theme and the Yellow brick road and poppies,witch legs,witch hat and broom etc for the Oz part.It was fun!
Waaiz helped me design it.
 He made the medal,tin man's heart clock,Dorothy's shoes and Scare crow's diploma with clay.
  close up at the broom and witch hat and the melting witch.

 A close up of our Mr Shakespeare
 another Hello Kitty cake.
that topper was so cute.
 and another huge wedding cake.

 a Barbie princess cake...
 A Maverick's jersey cake...
 with basketball cupcakes...
 And another first birthday cake...

 one more Hello Kitty cake...

... and so many other projects.I will fill y'all in later on in the next few posts.Hope you enjoyed all the cake pictures :) 
 And, I captured this gorgeous moon with my Nikon.I love my camera!!! Thanks to my wonderful hubby who bought that camera for me. See,God is such an amazing artist :)
What else? hmmm gosh I have so many things that I have to share with y'all! I promise...I will be blogging soon.Till next time,tata!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Art of Alicia Templin

Meet Alicia Templin!!! 

          that pretty girl...      

She is an artist.

an amazing artist!

a very very talented artist.

see for yourself!

Maani is amazed... 

her self portraits.

isn't she lovely... 

just look at the lights effects and the expressions! Looks like a photograph.

a little abstract.


and simply breathtaking...

something that will make you speechless...

and something that will make you smile...

her handmade jewelry 

maze!!! this gentleman is trying to find his way :)

my son adores her!!! 

we all got an art lesson from her during her exhibition...

We enjoyed the art exhibition at the Templin Art Studio.Her work is flawless and she is such a sweet girl.We love the Templins.Such a sweet family.To see more of Alicia's work visit her webpage here.
She offers custom paintings,sketches and prints as well.Think Holiday presents :) 
Till next blogpost.tata.