Thursday, December 20, 2012

Headbands,hats,leg warmers,so much yarn.Oh my!!!

So... a few weeks ago,I finished knitting a very warm headband/ear warmer for myself.Day 1 of wearing it,I was out and about running errands and I got compliments on the headband and the general question of "where and how much?" A lady even mentioned she will purchase one from me.And thats how it all started! I can't be any happier :)  
 I've made 3 with this color combo. love the gray with pink.
 see the pretty flower!
 this is wool! very soft and warm and such a gorgeous color.
 I love the fact that these headbands don't weigh your hair down...and you can still style them anyway you like :) They are perfect for working out,running,shopping and just lounging.

This rose is my fav!!!

It looks so cute
Plus... W got a new hat :) He saw one at Gap and loved the color combo.So he asked me if I'd knit one for him.This was the one that Gap has. 

They have it in two color combos.We loved them both :) 
 so I found similar colors of yarn and found a similar pattern....

 and knit one hat for him.I just LOVE that bright orange pom pom :) W is so happy with his hat! 

and one for me :)
A lot of my friends emailed me with their favorite colors and I am so thankful that I found yarns in everyone's choices.I have been knitting and knitting and knitting past few days.

Look at how pretty she looks with here little headband :)
Aite friends! gotta go finish knitting,so I can send out all the custom headbands and hats to some very happy customers  :) 
If you haven't placed your order in yet... email me soon.I would love to knit one for ya. 

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