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The neglected blog ,part dos- painting,redecorating and such...

lets start from where I left at the last blogpost. I was saying, I painted the house and did some redecorating in February.Lets take a look.
 W and I had a time of his life at the Home Depot. First off... some of the Martha Stewart brand interior  paints were on sale, God always makes a way for my tiny wishes come true :) and I got 60% off retail price of the paints I bought.LOVE IT!!! Thank you sweet God. 
Then, the paint expert at Home Depot was a sweet and kind man.He educated me about paints and painting.And was super nice with Waaiz and allowed Waaiz to mix the formula for paints and then put the paint cans into the tumbler.It was such a cool experience for W! He and the paint expert shared their expertise on the color wheel and color mixing.haha.
Here is the before of the foyer area 
it was a family affair :)

 He is so excited to paint :)

 Good team work W!!! all 3 of us make a great team.
 Some more painting and cricut decals on the foyer hallway in the front room

 Now we have 5 more areas to paint...
and tape! yikes... 
 Here is my elf taping the surfaces for me as I get ready to paint.He knows how much I dislike taping.
 I got this gorgeous metal jewelry holder as a present from my niece, so I painted it silver to match the bathroom colors.
looking pretty... I also gave it a hint of chocolate brown color as well to match the curtain.

then, I found this tray I got from a gift exchange years ago... it wasn't sturdy for kitchen use so I decided to paint it and use it on the bathroom countertop. Here is the before of the boring bamboo tray.
After a coat of black craft paint and some sparkly card stock, it looks like a completely different tray.
 Added some left over mirrors to the shower curtain hooks.

then I found this as my inspiration... at some fancy home dec store,
 and a few bamboo skewers, black craft paint ,mirrors,styro foam disk and hot glue later ,here is my version... 

 I found this picture at a blog and thought this was such a fun idea... 
So, I went to Michaels and found some neat nylon baskets (AT 80% off retail price) and hung them on the bathroom wall. Total cost under $10 . FUN!!!

 I love all things sparkly :) 
 This was from JoAnns, it is one of their yard and patio decor item but hey! it looks FAB on my bathroom wall :) 
What makes it even better is the fact that one of the flower was coming off and they had it marked down to 80% off the retail price of $29.99. When I took it to the register to check out, my cashier noticed another leaf coming off so she gave me an additional 10% off! So I paid a few dollars for it.SCORE!!! 

Here is a view of the bathroom as I see it in the mirror.
everything re purposed or bought at clearance. Total cost of everything (including baskets,paints and shower curtain) $ 50 
Then, my gears shifted from the bathroom project to the craft room project! My craft room is basically a  family room. We hang out there pretty much all the time! So, it has to be pretty,cozy AND functional. 
Maani bought this sturdy bookshelf for me from a yard sale years ago for $5. W and I decided to give it a new look, so... he and I painted it black.

 I had some green fabric sitting in my closet.It matched my craft room color scheme perfectly... the stripes were silver and lavender.So I stapled it to the back wall of the book shelf. I put the book shelf together after the paint dried and ....tada!!! neat, huh!  
I have an old papasan chair in my craft room that was bought from a garage sale years ago,its cushion was getting pretty thin and it wasn't as cozy as I would like for it to be.So I went on a pillow hunt around the house and found some that weren't being used so I used the fiber filling to fluff up the papasan cushion, found this at JoAnns on clearance at 90% off (winter clearance plus additional 20% off) 

so I cut it and sewed the cover for the papasan cushion and the foot stool's cushion.

painted the frame in black,added a cushion covered with my fav Bryan Adams T shirt that is 5 sizes too big on me now, and here we have a picture of the finished product!

 Here is me wearing that same T shirt a few years ago,sitting (and probably blogging) on this very chair a few years ago.
I definitely like the floral print cover better! plus it is fleece so it is extra cozy and warm.
We also decided to change the lavender in my craft room to a brighter and more happier shade of lavender. More taping and more painting,yikes!
Here is my assistant,taking a sketching break :)

 While the paint was drying... W and I re purposed a few other things to make my craft room prettier.
I went to Office depot with my fav picture with Maani and got an "engineer's print" in black and white for $3.60. They printed it exactly to fit my picture frame ($10 from a clearance store) It was a gorgeous golden frame with a pretty painting.But we painted the frame black.
and framed the giant print out of our photo,added a quote and awe!!!
aren't we cute :) 

I bought these Bombay frames from a friend's garage sale years ago... time for them to be refreshed :)

Finished decorating that corner of my craft room!!! See the frames painted black,silver and green? I love it!
Then,I found a frame from JoAnns :) This one had some minor cosmetic I got it for $60% off the retail price of $19.99 ,teeheee

I thought with the light pink background and a boring black shadow box frame it needed some upgrading and I did just that :) a new sparkly background and  some rhinestones to the frame.Added a quote on the wall and viola!
Cinderella - Proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life! 
heehee ain't that the truth ;) 

We were almost done painting the deep red hallway,bathroom and craft rooms were done.So we took on some projects in W's room.
First off we painted an accent wall in his room with a bright blue color,love it!!!Then we did some spring cleaning in his closet and donated all the stuff that was either too small for him or he wanted to get rid of them. He took out some of his fav T shirts that were very very special to him and framed them.
bought two $19.99 frames in the last chance clearance bins at Michaels at 90% off and here we have framed art :)
And then he had some comic book pages that he wanted to keep.So we made a few fun collages and framed them
Super cool!!!
Here is the family room arch.I thought it needed some extra "oomph" 
 So, I put my cricut to a good use again :) MORE QUOTES!!!
                                                  My inspiration picture and the quote,

my version on the family room arch :)

Since my love for cake decorating,baking and doing things I think I can't do... I found a Mary Poppins saying, "For every task you undertake,becomes a piece of cake"
 So... I did this!
adding colors
Final product. My kitchen looks pretty :) I love the colors.

I haven't done much painting or decorating in the bedroom yet, but I thought of this decal and used my Cricut and brown vinyl.I think it is cute :) 

 the night I got done with all the painting and projects... my last wisdom tooth decided to show up ,crooked! in a tight space.So it punctured the flesh and got infected and the teeth on the top row chopped on the swollen flesh and made it into a badly swollen wound.
 So, I had to go to the dental surgeon and had that wisdom tooth taken out,plus the top one that was chopping on it.yikes! I like 2 for 1 deals alright but not this one.
Lucky for me, my tooth fairy (aka husband) brought some gorgeous wedges :) 
 My next project is to make this for my craft room wall.How appropriate for me :)

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