Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Birthday to me and a free gift to YOU!!!!

It is my birthday!!! and I am feeling...  
 heehee no seriously!!! the real number is ...
 celebrate with me !!! how about a nice delicious chocolate cake with delicious chocolate ganache frosting? mmmm delicious!!! You and I might have to run it off later though. 

How about a free gift? for YOU!!!!  on MY birthday :) 
 Hurry hurry!!! go to 3 purls boutique's Facebook page , Like the page and comment on the giveaway status message. You have to pick a number from 1 -99. That's all :) If your number matches the number generated via ,YOU WIN!!! tell your friends about it. 
 Hurry... giveaway ends May 10th, 9pm. I will announce a winner on Saturday May 11th.
 Birthday love for all  <3 i="">
- H