Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My #shopurbanite necklace is here!!!

ahhhh I am so excited and cannot wait to show you what it looks like. It is super gorgeous, high quality and looks like a million bucks. And it was only $16. Take a look.

These are photos taken from my iPhone. I opened my mail in my truck when I was running around on a day packed with errands and as you can see in one of the pictures, I had a little meal break in some random parking spot :)  #momonthego  yayyy for oatmeal. 
Anyways... I saw it and I fell in love all over again. I had to put it on. silly me, I am all sweaty because of my run and the necklace still rocks with the the yoga pants, T shirt and a baseball cap :) #thumbsup 
Fast forward a few hours and I am home now and we have some decent photos of the beautiful Esmeralda necklace. Feast your eyes.  
 a little closer 
gorgeous, isn't it? I love the quality of the studs and the prongs.

I love how the lock is sturdy and not extremely difficult to clasp.

All in all I am super happy with my Esmeralda necklace and very pleased with the shipping time Urbanite has for their orders. Mine got here within 2 days. FAST and FREE Shipping. I noticed that this necklace is back in stock with many other fabulous jewelry items on their website. If you would like to add Esmeralda in your collection, you can find it here
  Happy shopping.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Introducing #shopurbanite (since # is all the rage now)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words

do I have your attention?
 ... well here are a couple of thousands for you then :) Ladies, I will let you drool and squeal for a few minutes here. Take your time.
A little Vive La France for your taste? 
Look at this stunner here, it looks gorgeous on. 

It has coordinating bracelet and earrings as well.
Perhaps that is too much bling for your taste and you are into the Aztec style, check these out. (even though we all know that you can never have "too much bling")

1. Dark Sunburst $10.
2.Mayan $12.
3. King Shay Bracelet $6
4.Betty $7
Their newest addition are these cute tassels. According to their Insta post, they are #obsessed with these, I don't blame them :) 
So, how would you style these #tassels ? bracelets? key rings? feeling creative enough to make your own earrings? I have a feeling, I'd be collecting these in all the colors.  
ahhhhh refreshing mint. This is one of my favs!!!
more #mint 
 They have other items too... sorry I was just too busy drooling over the gorgeous necklaces. Check out these cobalt blue beauties at  $13.

I am getting distracted again, this one is my most fav piece. I feel like I will be wearing this beautiful neckalce a lot and with everything :) 
Can put this on my birthday wish list??? $14??? WOW
More earrings. These are $10
 oh looky here! HELLO SPRING @$14
a refreshing bracelet. $15.50
 Annnnnnd for the LBD! These will definitely fetch a lot of attention towards your beautiful face.And they come at an affordable price tag of only $12

totes adorbs.
And for that #bff in your life, a #friendshipbracelet 

Did I tell you that everything ships for #free???  As if these affordable prices werent enough excuse for us to shop :) Anyway I can continue posting their pictures and this blogpost will never end :) Take a few minutes and visit their website here
Check out their facebook page for weekly updates and all the juicy details on preordering, new arrivals and sales here
Annnnnd I saved the best for last... a #giveaway on Instagram.
 check this out.  

 Follow the steps from their post on Instagram  to enter the #shopurbanitegiveaway. Good luck!!!
  I am in love with their collection. These two kids have worked very hard to bring these collections and designs to Dallas/ Fortworth. I cant wait to bring your more info on their designs and styles in my future posts. I get to play with my fav items pretty soon. I'll keep you posted.
Till next time, stay #accessorized 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Oh sorry bloggy!!! I didn't forget about you. It's just that...

... I've been busy? I had a surgery, I recovered, my son started a new online academy and jumped two grades ahead. We did go on a little trip, then all this while I have been insane busy with my #3purlsboutique creations and orders. So much that my entire right arm and my right shoulder blade hurts constantly now. I won't type too much but I will add tons of pictures in this blogpost :) enjoy!

A knight helmet :)

 And a Katniss cowl. 

 W made this card for one of our sweet friend for his birthday :) 
 Look at this adorable baby girl!!! I made this set especially for her :) 
 My first run after my surgery. ahhhhh 
 W was madhatter for halloween 
Look who stopped by in my backyard :)

 #cindywhitmarsh released her UFIT series DVD, and was so kind so send me a set. I am very close to posting my review and final measurements. These workouts are AMAZING!!! Cindy surely knows how to kick our butts in minimum amount of time. Get your set here and get in the best shape of your life. I have been doing her workouts since 2009 and I keep falling in love with this chickie over and over again! I love what her workouts do for my muscles.

 Oh and I also made a very warm wolf cowl for a sweet friend's daughter.
 Boss is an expert at making grilled sandwiches :) 
 Shark slippers.

 This is a friend's niece. I made the tiny hat for her. 
 more leg warmers.

 Boss also bakes amazing pizza :)
 And this cowl is so cool with different textures and colors. 
Boss got me this gorgeous necklace from Maurices when we went to hill country. I love his hands :) 
 Then for our anniversary Boss got me these stunning pumps from Victoria's secret. They are sooooo pretty and comfortable.They were $150 original and went down to $25 on sale and after discounts and rewards, so he got them in both colors. What do you think? I think he did great ;) 
I am still taking moon pictures. 
 We had a few days of most ice and some snow :) 
 W and I are keeping homeschooling fun. 
 He is enjoying tons of classes outside the house as well. 

 W and his teacher at the art museum. 

 This set I made for a sweet girl's birthday present. She loves red. 

 W is getting older, he is becoming a Beatles fan and decided to replace the Dr Seuss quote by the "Abbey Road" poster. 
 He saw a beanie like this online and asked me if I would make one for him, so a few hours later, tada!!! W's pink panther beanie. 

 And he wouldn't take it off :) 

 These matching bow ties I made for my sweet friend Tandy's boys. She is the owner of #pym and the bow tie colors are PYM colors :) She is an awesome Pilates instructor and I love her dearly. Her workouts are incredible. Here is her website 
A slouchy wool hat I made for my friend going to NY. 
 I taught a cupcake decorating class :)

 Finally!!!  a cowl that I plan on keeping for myself. I love it, it is so soft and warm.

Will write more soon. bye